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Whiplash After a Car Accident

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Whiplash is a common injury seen in car accidents, especially rear-end crashes. Insurance companies often dismiss whiplash as minor, but it can be very painful and limit mobility. It can take time to heal and you may have to miss work, resulting in a loss of income. Despite this, recovering financial compensation can be an uphill battle.

At The Law Office of Eric Beasley, we understand the impact that whiplash and other neck injuries can have on victims. Attorney Eric Beasley is very familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to try to minimize compensation for a whiplash injury. He focuses on building strong cases based on facts to fight for the rights of the injured.

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    How whiplash happens in car accidents

    During the impact of a car crash, the head of a person inside the vehicle can be whipped back and forth very quickly at tremendous force. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck are stretched well beyond their normal range of motion, resulting in injury.

    Symptoms may not appear right away. But within a couple of days, victims may experience common symptoms of whiplash. These include neck pain or stiffness, shoulder pain, tenderness or pain in the upper back, headaches, or dizziness. Related injuries often seen in accidents include neck sprain, herniated disc, and neck fractures.

    How long does whiplash last after a car accident? Recovery may take weeks, but other neck injuries may take even longer to completely heal. There may also be several follow-up visits with doctors and physical therapy may also be needed.

    Whiplash injuries are often seen in rear-end accidents, especially in drivers and passengers of the car that was hit. You can get whiplash even in a car accident that seems minor.

    How do these accidents happen? Crashes can happen when a driver is:

    • Going above the posted speed limit
    • Passing other cars irresponsibly
    • Ignoring traffic signals or signs
    • Texting or talking on the phone
    • Operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Falling asleep behind the wheel.

    What to do if you think you have whiplash

    It’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible if you’ve been in a car accident. A doctor can examine you and diagnose your injury to determine if it is whiplash or another serious injury. Treatment for whiplash may include rest, pain medication, muscle relaxants and the use of heat or cold. You may also need to wear a neck brace or collar.

    What happens next? That’s where things can get complicated. A negligent driver may deny doing anything wrong – even if that driver was clearly at fault for causing your accident. It’s not uncommon for the other driver to even try to blame you for what happened, even if your car was hit from behind.

    Insurance companies are supposed to be on your side, but their main goal is to pay you as little as they possibly can. They often don’t take whiplash claims seriously and may question the seriousness of your injury. Sometimes they’ll seek access to your medical history to try to argue your injuries were pre-existing.

    You may be contacted soon after the crash by an adjuster with a settlement offer. They may say it’s the best that they can do, but will promise quick payment. As your medical expenses start to add up, it can be tempting to accept the offer. But the truth is, their whiplash settlement offer will fall far short of covering all of your actual damages. They’re just trying to save money.

    What should I do if I think I have whiplash?

    There are some things you can do to help you protect your health and your right to financial compensation.

    • Get medical attention as soon as possible. Go to an urgent care facility or your own doctor. A doctor can diagnose you and begin treatment. But there will also be documentation of your injuries. This documentation is proof that you were hurt in an accident and will be valuable evidence when you file a claim for compensation.
    • Follow your doctor’s instructions. Follow your treatment plan and keep all follow-up appointment. This can help your injuries heal as soon as possible. It also demonstrates that you are taking your injury seriously.
    • Talk to an experienced lawyer. You may wonder if it’s worth getting a lawyer or even if you have a case. But it’s important to understand your rights and know where you stand.

    You may have a lot of questions. Will car insurance cover a whiplash injury? What is the average compensation for whiplash? What can I expect in a car accident settlement for whiplash? Attorney Beasley can answer your questions in a free consultation.

    Call a whiplash lawyer who is ready to fight for you

    We take your case seriously right from the start. Our legal team investigates your accident to get the facts that prove a negligent driver was at fault. Attorney Beasley carefully reviews your medical records to document your whiplash injuries. Then he demands financial compensation.

    Many times, he is able to negotiate a settlement for your whiplash claim with the insurance company. But if the insurance company won’t settle, he will be ready to fight for you in court.

    If you suffered a whiplash injury in a Nashville car accident, learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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