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We see trucks on the road every day. Big rigs carrying cargo on I-65. Delivery vans driving down Broadway to drop off packages to customers. Most of the time, we barely notice these trucks. But when there’s an accident, people can be left with serious injuries. At The Law Office of Eric Beasley, our Nashville truck accident attorney has been fighting for the rights of the injured in the Nashville area for more than 20 years.

Our law firm fights relentlessly to obtain justice and maximum compensation for truck accident victims. Our case results include a $3.5 million settlement for a fatal construction vehicle accident, an $800k recovery for a family seriously injured in a collision with an 18-wheeler, a $450,000 recovery for a pedestrian accident involving a food truck, and $250,000 for a tractor-trailer collision that required the victim to have neck surgery.

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    Attorney Eric Beasley continues to receive referrals from former clients and other attorneys. It’s because they know he is honest with his clients about what to expect, works closely with them on their case and guides them through the legal process every step of the way. They know that he puts in the hard work that gets clients the compensation they need and deserve.

    We know the impact a serious injury from a truck accident can have on victims and their families. They may need surgery, hospitalization, medication, physical therapy and home health care. They may not be able to work, resulting in less money coming in, just as medical expenses are adding up fast.

    When negligence by a truck driver or trucking company caused the accident that left you hurt, you should get financial compensation. Insurance companies use many tactics to try to minimize your claim and pay you less, so it will be a tough fight to recover the compensation you deserve. Nashville truck accident attorney Eric Beasley is ready to take on that fight for you.

    What happens after a truck accident?

    Two tractor-trailers involved in a truck accident in NashvilleTrucking companies often quickly send a response team to the scene of the accident. Their job is to gather evidence before the scene is cleared. This often includes taking photos, talking to witnesses and gathering information from the truck’s hours of service logs and event data recorder. They are there to represent the trucking company, however, not you.

    There are steps you can take after an accident to protect your rights. Contact the police. Get medical attention. If you can, take pictures and get contact information for any witnesses. Lastly, get legal advice from a trusted truck accident attorney as soon as possible.

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    Why are truck accident cases complicated?

    Truck accidents can involve several different parties. These can include car drivers and passengers who were hurt, the truck driver, the trucking company, the owner of the trailer, the owner of the cargo, the company that loaded the cargo and the manufacturer of any defective parts on the truck. Each party can have their own insurance company and lawyer.

    Some of these parties, such as the trucking company, may be from another state. Trucking companies also own important evidence, such as employment records and the truck’s event data recorder, or “black box.” Insurance companies will also put a lot of resources into fighting claims after a truck accident, because they know there’s a lot of money at stake.

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    What regulations do truck drivers and trucking companies need to follow?

    Federal and state regulations govern trucking companies and their drivers, due to the special safety risks associated with the size of these big rigs. Commercial 18-wheelers and trucks on interstate highways must abide by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules. These regulations ensure that a truck is designed according to safety precautions and meets maintenance requirements.The types of large trucks most often involved in Tennessee crashes are Dump Trucks, Flatbed Semi-Trailers, and Enclosed Box Semi-Trailers. - FMCSA

    In addition to complying with these regulations, truck drivers are also required to attend specific training programs and follow the rules for rest periods and hours on the road. The reality is that many drivers and trucking companies strive to meet schedules and maximize profits, and they may not abide by these rules in their entirety. The consequences may be devastating for others on the road.

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    How do I prove negligence in a lawsuit?

    A victim of a truck accident may be able to seek compensation for his or her injuries by filing a negligence lawsuit. Four elements must be demonstrated: duty, breach of duty, causation and damages. Regarding the duty element, all truck drivers must operate their large vehicles with reasonable care. They must also follow the rules of the road and obey traffic regulations.

    A breach of the duty of care may be shown by careless conduct, such as unsafe lane changes or violations of the hours-of-service regulations. If the victim can link the breach to the accident, he or she may be able to recover damages. Tennessee truck accident lawyer Eric Beasley and our legal team can investigate your accident to get the facts.

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    What types of compensation can I recover after a trucking accident?

    Damages in a negligence lawsuit following a truck accident include medical expenses and hospital bills, as well as lost wages and property damage to a vehicle. Compensation for pain and suffering and loss of consortium is also often available. It is important to keep all receipts and document expenses. Additionally, it is critical to document any evidence from the scene, such as skid marks and debris.

    In certain circumstances, a victim may pursue a lawsuit against the trucking company that employed the commercial driver. If a careless truck driver was acting in the course and scope of his or her employment, the company employing the driver may be liable directly, indirectly, or both. The specific facts of the case must be examined to assess whether the company perhaps failed to properly train the driver or otherwise acted negligently in contributing to the crash.

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    What is the average truck accident settlement in Nashville?

    Every truck accident case is different, and compensation depends on circumstances and severity. However, understanding the scope of Tennessee truck accident compensation is important to help you avoid accepting a lowball settlement.

    In general, truck accident compensation is based on factors such as injury type and severity, fault, available assets, and negotiating skill. The money is meant to offset economic expenses like medical bills and lost wages, but it may also include non-economic damages like pain and suffering. Generally, settlements average three times the baseline expenses, with potential to exceed that for severe accidents.

    Although these numbers may not apply to your specific case, the national average for economic costs in an injury-causing traffic accident is between $24,000 and $155,000, according to insurance industry data.

    However, a truck accident could easily surpass these amounts due to how violent large truck crashes usually are. This is recognized by federal trucking regulations that require trucking companies to purchase at minimum auto insurance policy of between $300,000 to $5 million depending on what they're hauling.

    Tennessee truck accident compensation can vary greatly from one crash to another. That's why seeking legal guidance as soon as possible after a collision is the best way to protect your health and finances.

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    Your Nashville truck accident matters. We can help.

    If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important to talk to an experienced attorney without delay. Attorney Eric Beasley knows what you are going through and is ready to help. You can expect straight talk and hard work from a skilled attorney who won’t quit until your case is resolved in a way that meets your needs.

    Learn more about how we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Nashville truck accident lawyer you can trust – attorney Eric Beasley.

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