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If you’ve been hurt in a rollover truck accident, you may have been left with serious injuries. When your accident was caused by negligence, you deserve compensation. Insurance companies don’t want you to think about how much you deserve. They just want you to accept their settlement offer and go away.

As the victim of a bad accident, when you’re negotiating an insurance payout there’s a lot on the line. At The Law Office of Eric Beasley, we can help. We’ve seen insurance companies try to trick victims into taking tiny settlements that barely cover the accident-related medical bills they’ve already incurred. We’ve seen them try to offer settlements that don’t provide a dime for the future care of chronic conditions or to replace vehicles. Rollover truck accident lawyer Eric Beasley can fight your rights and demand the money you deserve.

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    We fight for the compensation you deserve

    You’ve got one shot at this. Rollover truck accidents can be complicated. A lot of evidence has been destroyed in the wreck. The impact of the crash may have left you unable to remember what happened. Finding witnesses who observed useful crash details can be difficult. Our legal team knows where to look for the evidence you need to prove your claim. No case is too tough for us.

    Not getting the full compensation you need and deserve after a truck wreck can lead to years of financial struggle. If you were hurt due to negligence by a truck driver, a trucking company or both, you shouldn’t have to pay for all the expenses associated with your truck rollover accident.

    This is why an experienced rollover truck accident attorney can make such a big difference in how much money you receive. When you have a lawyer handling your case, insurance companies or trucking companies take your injury claim more seriously. And if they refuse to negotiate and act in bad faith, your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf seeking damages, the legal term for financial compensation.

    Why truck rollover accidents happen

    A rollover truck accident is often caused when a semi-truck goes too quickly around a curve or off ramp. A truck’s high center of gravity combined with inadequate cargo distribution can lead to a rollover when the cab goes one way and the trailer’s cargo continues another. This throws the truck’s balance off and creates a rolling effect that lifts all 18 wheels off the road and flips a truck on its side or back at least once. The rolling force of the truck is often enhanced by shifting cargo.

    Common injuries caused by rollover truck accidents include broken bones, deep cuts, a broken nose, brain contusion, compressed spine, internal injuries and injuries to the head, neck and back. In many cases, victims can be left with chronic pain and in need of medical care for the rest of their lives. Fatal accidents due to trucks rolling over also often occur. Whatever the circumstances of your crash, make sure you have a truck rollover accident lawyer on your side, standing up for your rights.

    Determined to get the results you need

    Your final compensation needs to consider your lost wages, as well as lifetime medical needs, and repairs to, or replacement of, your vehicle. Insurance companies will fight your claim because they know there’s a lot of money at stake. They will use many types of tactics to try to minimize your compensation.

    Attorney Beasley knows all these tactics and how to fight back. We investigate your truck accident to get the facts. We gather evidence, including evidence controlled by the insurance companies, such as hours of service logs and information from the truck’s event data recorder (the truck’s “black box”).

    We fight until we help clients resolve their cases in a way that meets their needs. Contact us now for a free consultation. We can review the details of your rollover accident, go over your legal options and answer any questions you have.

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