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When an 80,000-pound, fully loaded semi-truck slams into a 4,000-pound car on a Nashville highway, the results can be devastating and life-altering – sometimes life-ending. The impact is powerful and the people who suffer the most in truck accidents are usually the ones traveling in passenger vehicles hit by an 18-wheeler, also known as a big rig or semi-truck.

At The Law Offices of Eric Beasley, we stop the insurance companies cold. We've seen the way they try to manipulate and take advantage of accident victims in pain after a tractor-trailer accident. We believe it is unjust and unfair. Our firm removes the hurdles and barriers the insurance companies set up to keep you from getting the compensation you need and deserve to get your life back on track. You can count on Nashville 18-wheeler accident attorney Eric Beasley after your semi-truck accident.

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    Truck accidents are among the more complicated accidents to investigate because of how many parties may be liable. It may not be just the driver that is to blame for a wreck. Others who may be responsible for your injuries include the trucker’s employer, truck owner, cargo loaders, cargo owners, maintenance operators and truck parts manufacturers.

    Common 18-wheeler accidents

    Serious truck accidents caused by tractor-trailers can include a wide range of accidents. Common semi-truck accidents involving other vehicles include:

    • Rear-end tractor-trailer accidents, in which a smaller car is hit from behind by an 18-wheeler.
    • Head-on tractor-trailer accidents, especially on rural roads
    • Underride accidents, a term used to describe an 18-wheeler accident in which a smaller vehicle becomes trapped under the truck’s trailer.
    • Rollover accidents, in which an 18-wheeler rolls over on its side and crashes into other vehicles.
    • Jackknife accidents, in which the trailer on a tractor-trailer folds in and traps a smaller vehicle in between the truck’s trailer and cab.

    What causes tractor-trailer accidents?

    Anyone can cause a traffic accident with risky driving behavior like speeding, distracted or aggressive driving, or getting behind the wheel fatigued, but truckers driving an 18-wheeler have a lot more room for things to go wrong.

    There are many causes of tractor-trailer accidents, including:

    • Overweight/overloaded truck
    • Making an illegal maneuver
    • Inadequate surveillance/training
    • Speeding 18-wheeler traveling too fast for road conditions
    • Inattention/distracted driving
    • Following too close/tailgating
    • Misjudgment of gap or other’s speed
    • Missing a required stop, like at a crosswalk
    • External distractions

    These driving behaviors can cause rollovers, jackknife accidents, underride crashes accidents, wide turns, and other types of truck accidents.

    Common truck accident injuries include neck and back damage, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, burns, broken bones, internal bleeding and organ damage.

    If you’ve been in an accident with an 18-wheeler, you will most likely have only one chance to get your settlement or verdict right. The money needs to be enough to cover past, current, and future medical and lifestyle needs related to the accident. Your health, financial stability, job and personal enjoyment are all at risk. An experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer can help you demand the money you rightfully deserve.

    Laws governing 18-wheelers and tractor-trailer drivers

    One of the reasons why tractor-trailer accidents are so complicated is because the state and federal laws covering these large vehicles and the trucks drivers who drive them are different than the rules and regulations covering most people on the road.

    A truck driver must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate an 18-wheeler. But that’s just the start. Many of the laws governing semi-truck drivers can be found in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, which are enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Such federal trucking laws include:

    • Mandatory, random drug and alcohol testing for truck drivers.
    • Mandatory physical exam for truck drivers in order to obtain and maintain a CDL. Such exams are done to identify whether a truck driver has a medical condition – sleep apnea, for example – which could make them unsafe to drive.
    • Nationwide ban prohibiting all truck drivers from texting while driving.
    • Requiring all truck drivers to keep an Hours of Service (HOS) log that records how many hours they drive and when they take mandatory rest breaks.
    • Special laws governing cargo securement, especially for 18-wheelers and other large trucks.
    • Reflective tape requirement, which requires truck drivers to place reflective tape in certain locations on a tractor-trailer.
    • Tractor-trailer drivers must conduct a pre-trip inspection before each journey. This 7-step inspection is referred to as a CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist.

    Many other state and federal laws apply to tractor-trailers and 18-wheeler truck drivers in Tennessee. If a truck driver violated these laws and caused your semi-truck accident, make sure you know your rights. Make sure you talk to a Nashville 18-wheeler accident lawyer who knows the law and can fight for you every step of the way.

    No semi-truck accident case is too tough

    There is a lot at stake for you, and for the trucking company, as well. If you are seeking a claim, they are going to make it very tough on you to prove fault and damages.

    Any blemish on a trucking company or trucker’s record could cost them future work and their career or put them out of business. They will fight you with everything they have and say anything to shift the blame on you, the victim.

    We’re ready to help. Our firm’s more than 20-year record of success proves no case is too tough for us. Nashville 18-wheeler accident attorney Eric Beasley knows how the legal system works and can fight for real results that matter for you.

    Discover what a dedicated 18-wheeler accident lawyer can do for you

    Don’t face the truck insurance company’s team of lawyers alone. Our legal team will battle the insurance adjusters for you. We know how to build a winning truck accident case and where to find evidence other lawyers might miss.

    We’ve been helping accident victims in Nashville for decades. We believe everyone deserves access to aggressive and strong legal representation after an accident or other personal injury. That’s why our firm offers free and no-obligation case consultations. Our firm takes many cases on contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid until we win.

    Learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Nashville 18-wheeler accident attorney you can count on in a crisis. Eric Beasley works hard for real results.

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