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Jackknife Truck Accidents

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A jackknife is a type of truck accident where the trailer on an 18-wheeler suddenly swings out from behind the cab and flies forward toward the tractor creating a shape that looks like a partially opened switchblade, otherwise known as a jackknife. These types of collisions can leave people seriously injured.

The Law Office of Eric Beasley has helped thousands of clients recover the compensation they deserve after being in an accident. If you’re the victim of a jackknife accident with a semi, you need a lawyer with the experience and legal knowledge needed to build strong cases that help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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    Holding negligent parties accountable

    When jackknife accidents happen it’s usually because of negligence – by the driver, by the trucking company or even by the manufacturer of defective parts.

    These crashes are usually caused when a trucker suddenly slams on his brakes. The accident often results in injuries such as broken bones, internal damage, head injuries, or loss of brain function, among other injuries – even death.

    The medical costs for treating injuries can be extremely high. Insurance companies will do everything they can to pay you less. They know there’s a lot of money at stake and will use many types of tactics to minimize your compensation.

    They may try to trick you into accepting blame for an accident you didn’t cause or press you into taking a settlement that may not even cover your post-crash transportation to St. Thomas, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Tristar Centennial or another hospital.

    We don’t back down

    Don’t be bullied by the insurance companies. Let our straight-talking, hard-working legal team get you the compensation you and your family will need to recover from a traumatic truck accident. For more than 20 years, attorney Eric Beasley has fought hard to win substantial results for clients who were injured in truck accidents. He has secured millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients.

    We investigate your crash to get the facts. We know where to look for evidence that the trucker was at fault. We identify all the parties responsible for the accident (which may include the trucker’s employer, the company that loaded the trailer, or the manufacturer of faulty tractor-trailer components). We negotiate with the insurance companies, and if they won’t agree to a settlement that meets your needs, we’re ready to go to court.

    If you or a loved one was involved in or lost someone to a jackknife accident with a tractor-trailer, you probably have a lot of questions about what happened and how you can get justice. We offer free consultations to the victims or family members of truck accidents. Contact us to schedule a time that works for you. We can answer questions specific to your case and help you determine the best way to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

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