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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Tennessee

A motorcycle accident crash scene with the damaged motorcycle beside the car. on a road in the city on a sunny day.

Tennessee participates in the national movement to help prevent motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts and motorists alike take advantage of Tennessee's diverse geography, from the majestic Smoky Mountains to the fertile delta lands of the Mississippi River. These scenic routes, combined with Tennessee's cultural, historical, social, and entertainment offerings, make it a destination for riders of all stripes. However, the beauty of Tennessee's landscape also means its roads can be treacherous for motorcyclists. As a result, this month serves as a reminder of the importance of motorcycle awareness and sharing the road with bikers.

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    Tennessee's roads attract motorcyclists from all over the country. The state's diverse terrain offers stunning views of rolling hills and pristine rivers. In addition, Tennessee (especially Nashville) is home to popular music venues and festivals, historical landmarks, and a thriving food and beverage industry. These attractions mean that riders from all backgrounds come to experience the state's rich culture and scenic byways.

    Despite the state's draw, however, bikers face a unique set of challenges on Tennessee's roads, as negligent drivers remain a significant cause of accidents involving motorcyclists. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle wreck caused by a negligent driver, it is important to seek the help of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. An attorney can help you navigate the complex process of filing a claim and obtaining the compensation you deserve for your losses.

    Motorcycle accident statistics

    In 2020, Tennessee had 127 motorcycle fatalities and over 2,500 motorcycle-related injuries. These numbers are concerning, especially when considering that motorcyclists account for a disproportionately high number of traffic fatalities compared to other vehicle types.

    According to research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than occupants of passenger cars. Bikers account for about 14% of all traffic fatalities, even though motorcycles are only 3% of all registered vehicles in the United States.

    The majority of motorcycle fatalities occur among riders between the ages of 21 and 34, followed closely by those 45 and older. The highest number of deaths occur on Saturdays, with Sundays following closely behind.

    For motorists, being aware of motorcyclists on the road is crucial to preventing accidents. This includes checking mirrors and blind spots, allowing ample following distance, and avoiding distractions while driving. Additionally, drivers should be cautious at intersections, where many motorcycle accidents occur.

    Tips for drivers to share the road with motorcycles

    Negligent drivers pose a significant risk to motorcyclists. And while bikers must follow the rules of the road and adhere to laws regarding helmets, headlights, and other safety equipment, it is the duty of all drivers to remain aware and vigilant on the road to help prevent these tragic crashes. Remember, the safety of bikers lies primarily in the hands of those sharing the road with them.

    Here are some helpful tips for motorists:

    1. Always check mirrors and blind spots before switching lanes or making a turn. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and can be difficult to see, making it crucial to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is when motorists fail to check their mirrors and blind spots before switching lanes or making a turn.
    2. Allow a full lane width for motorcyclists. Many motorists make the mistake of trying to share a lane with a motorcycle, but this can restrict the rider's ability to maneuver safely. A motorcycle may be physically smaller than a car, but it should still be treated like any other vehicle and given full lane width.
    3. Provide ample following distance when behind a motorcycle. At least 3 to 4 seconds is recommended, as this gives the biker more time to react to any emergency situations or stop safely. Remember, motorcycles can stop much more quickly than cars, so allowing them extra space is crucial for everyone's safety.
    4. Always signal your intentions before changing lanes or merging with traffic. This is especially important when sharing the road with motorcycles, as it allows riders to anticipate your movement and find a safe lane position. Avoid any distractions while driving, such as texting, eating, or using a cell phone. A single moment of distraction can have devastating consequences on the road.
    5. Don't speed. Excessive speeding is also a major contributor to motorcycle accidents. Drivers should always obey posted speed limits. When you speed, your margin for error is much smaller, increasing the likelihood of losing control of your vehicle and causing an accident. For a motorcyclist who doesn't have the same protection as someone in an enclosed car, truck, or SUV, a high-speed collision can have life-altering consequences.

    Contact a Nashville, TN motorcycle accident lawyer

    After a motorcycle accident, it's crucial to have an experienced lawyer on your side to help you recover the compensation you need and deserve. The aftermath of a serious motorcycle wreck can be overwhelming, and dealing with insurance adjusters can be frustrating. Remember, insurance companies are in business to make money. It's doubtful they will willingly offer you fair compensation for your losses.

    That's why you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side. With over two decades of experience helping injured motorcyclists, the legal team at the Law Office of Eric Beasley knows how to fight back against the tactics used by insurance companies and negligent drivers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, don't wait. Contact the Law Office of Eric Beasley today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help with your potential legal case.

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