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Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Nashville, TN

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Intersection accidents are a common occurrence in Nashville, but the level of danger varies among different intersections and roads. Identifying the most dangerous intersections in Nashville and understanding the reasons behind the high number of collisions is crucial. So is understanding your legal rights and options if you or a loved one was injured in an intersection crash that wasn’t your fault.

At the Law Office of Eric Beasley, our experienced Nashville car accident attorneys recognize the significance of these collisions and the severe injuries they can cause. With a track record of helping our clients seek the justice and accountability they are entitled to, we are dedicated to advocating for the financial compensation crash victims in Middle Tennessee deserve.

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    What are the 10 most dangerous intersections in Nashville?

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) compiles accident data based on location for cities around the country. Based on NHTSA car accident data for 2019 to 2021, the 10 most dangerous intersections in Nashville include:

    • Interstate 24 & Interstate 65 junction
    • Murfreesboro Pike & Bell Rd
    • I-24 & I-40 junction
    • North 1st Street & Cleveland Street
    • Monroe Street & Rosa L. Parks Boulevard
    • Lafayette Street & Second Avenue South
    • Charlotte Avenue & 14th Avenue North
    • Edmondson Pike & Old Hickory Blvd
    • Demonbreun Street & 14th Ave S
    • Harding Place & Sidco Drive

    What are the 10 most dangerous roads in Nashville?

    Along with certain intersections, specific roads and highways in Nashville statistically have more accidents than others. Based on historical NHTSA accident data, these 10 Nashville highways and roads have had multiple car accident fatalities:

    • Murfreesboro Pike
    • Nolensville Pike
    • West Trinity Lane
    • Interstate 24
    • Demonbreun Street
    • Interstate 40
    • North 1st Street
    • Interstate 65
    • Rosa L. Parks Boulevard
    • Lafayette Street

    What makes intersections so dangerous?

    Intersections can be particularly hazardous due to a combination of factors. The convergence of vehicles from various directions, often at higher speeds, contributes to the inherent danger.

    Beyond speed, problems can arise from unclear traffic signs that may lead to confusion regarding the right-of-way. The situation is further complicated in instances where some drivers are proceeding straight while others make simultaneous left or right turns.

    In the case of busy city intersections in Nashville, the absence of dividers between opposing lanes and faded lane markings pose additional risks. These scenarios can result in head-on collisions due to unintended lane drift or a lack of clear delineation between lanes.

    Why do intersection accidents happen?

    Intersection accidents in Nashville are primarily caused by driver negligence. Instances of reckless or negligent driving leading to such accidents include a variety of scenarios, such as:

    • Speeding motorists unable to decelerate in time, resulting in collisions with other vehicles. For example, you could be waiting for the light to turn green and get rear-ended by a speeder while stopped in traffic.
    • Distracted drivers, particularly those engaged in texting, causing rear-end accidents due to their lack of attention. A common scenario involves a driver going through a red light or stop sign because they were looking down at their phone while approaching the intersection.
    • Impaired drivers losing control of their vehicles or veering into oncoming traffic, causing head-on collisions.

    Who’s liable in an intersection accident?

    Determining responsibility for damages after an intersection accident involves understanding Tennessee's insurance system. The state operates on an at-fault car insurance system, which designates the party at fault as responsible for covering the costs related to the victim's injuries.

    Consequently, the liable party in an intersection accident typically involves the insurance company of the at-fault driver(s). While this may seem straightforward, the process of obtaining the rightful compensation you deserve for your medical bills and other expenses can often prove challenging.

    How do I prove another driver caused my intersection accident?

    Solid legal cases are built upon the foundation of compelling evidence, a principle that holds especially true when pursuing compensation for an intersection accident. Evidence may include:

    • Traffic camera video footage, particularly if it captures a driver running a red light and colliding with your vehicle.
    • A Tennessee car accident report that was generated by the responding law enforcement officer or state trooper from the Tennessee Highway Patrol who assessed the scene of your collision.
    • Dashboard camera (dash cam) recordings, either from your own vehicle or another involved party, shedding light on the sequence of events leading up to and during the accident.
    • Eyewitness testimonies provided by individuals who witnessed the intersection accident and can offer valuable insights.
    • Physical evidence, such as skid marks on the road or their absence, which can often serve as indicators of a driver's actions leading up to the collision – particularly if they failed to brake upon approaching the intersection.

    Keep in mind that establishing fault in intersection accidents can be difficult due to the complex dynamics at play. Intersection crashes often result from a convergence of factors, including right-of-way disputes, unclear traffic signals, and differing accounts of the incident.

    Conflicting reports from involved parties, eyewitnesses, and even surveillance footage can complicate the determination of who is truly at fault. These factors can pose challenges in the process of seeking compensation, as insurance companies may exploit conflicting narratives to reduce or deny claims.

    Navigating this nuanced landscape requires the help of an experienced car accident lawyer to thoroughly investigate the accident, gather evidence, and reconstruct the sequence of events accurately.

    Seeking compensation for an intersection accident

    Intersection accidents often involve complex legal and insurance issues. Having an experienced car accident attorney on your side can greatly enhance your chances of securing the compensation you deserve.

    A lawyer can thoroughly investigate the crash, gather essential evidence, and work to establish liability, whether it's proving that the other driver was at fault or challenging any attempts by insurance companies to minimize your claim.

    With years of experience and a track record of successful outcomes for crash victims in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, the legal team at the Law Office of Eric Beasley has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to handle every aspect of your claim. To see how we can help with your potential legal case, contact us today for a free consultation.

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