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Verdicts & Settlements

Below is a sample of our recent Verdicts and Settlements:

$3.5 Million Dollar post-verdict settlement - wrongful death motor vehicle collision with construction vehicle.

$850,000 settlement on wrongful death claim involving drunk driver.

$600,000 policy limits settlement on wrongful death automobile collision claim.

$450,000 pedestrian wrongful death claim involving food delivery vehicle.

$250,000 settlement involving neck surgery caused by tractor-trailor collision.

$245,000 settlement on tractor-trailor back surgery claim.

$175,000 settlement on commercial vehicle collision with $38,000 of medical expenses.

$120,000 settlement on hand surgery damages only.

$110,000 settlement on tractor-trailor collision resulting in back surgery.

$100,000 policy limits settlement for knee injury caused on parking lot / pedestrian claim.

$98,000 jury verdict on hit-and-run trial (after $3,000 settlement offer from uninsured motorist insurance company).