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"I thought I could handle my own accident case, since it was clear to me that the other driver was at fault. After eleven months of the insurance company looking out for it's own interests because it covered both parties, I discovered that they had decided each driver shared equal responsibility in the accident. This meant that according to them, I did not deserve compensation for my extensive injuries, totaled car, and hospital bills. The other driver did not suffer any injuries at all and only very minor damage to his vehicle, since he pulled out in front of me and I crashed trying to avoid him. I have never sought legal counsel for an injury but was advised to do so at zero hour by another friend who practices law in a different field. That friend recommended Eric Beasley.

I called Eric and he jumped in immediately. He got my hospital bills paid, and he got me compensation for my injuries. Did I get rich? No. I got what was fair and right, and I have Eric to thank for it. Since then I have referred Eric to friends in similar situations and he has always been able to help them through the legal process. He is top shelf in my opinion."

John J., Antioch, TN

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"My wife and I were in car wreck where we were hit from behind while standing still at a four way stop light. We were both injured, but my injury was by far the worst. At first, we went to an attorney who is very well known all over Nashville. After over a year with that lawyer, the case was almost gone. We heard about Eric Beasley and hired him instead, and he went to work on our case.

A few month later, we had our case heard and it was soon settled out of Court. Our car was replaced and all of the medical bills were taken care of. Mr. Eric Beasley won our case and our confidence. We have referred several people to him, and I have only heard of satisfied people in every case he has helped them with. We were completely satisfied with Eric Beasley, and he did everything he could to win our case when it looked like it would never be heard. Thank you Eric Beasley."

Sam C., Springfield, TN

“Who says honest and aggressive lawyers don’t exist?

First… in the interest of full disclosure… I am a Lawyer. But I readily recognize two things…

  1. I don’t know everything, and
  2. I surround myself with people that are smarter than me.

Knowing a lot of lawyers, I have always had a “wide” choice of those to send my referrals to. But I always want to make sure that I send them to someone who really knows the “personal injury” business the best, and “actually cares” about their outcome. I had to have a “fighter” and not just a “settler”. I also wanted someone who would not do something stupid, quite frankly. And I know I can count on Eric for all of those things… mainly because he really knows his stuff in the civil justice arena, and he never lies!

In fact, I have been to continuing legal education seminars where Eric was the teacher, teaching other lawyers about personal injury cases and how to handle them. I always had peace of mind sending my friends and family members to him for any personal injury case at all.

Last year, I had the unfortunate experience of having an auto accident, myself, that was caused by someone else. I definitely knew better than to even “attempt” to handle that myself. So I called Eric Beasley.

By hiring Eric, I realized more money from the settlement (even after paying him his fee) than I could have gotten by myself. Eric definitely “pays for himself” in these cases in many ways, not the least of which was the money he saved me on the subrogation issues with my health insurance provider, that followed the settlement.

If you have a personal injury case…. You could NOT do better than Eric Beasley. There are a lot of lawyers out there, but none are as honest, trustworthy, and aggressive (yet still respected by the insurance adjustors) as Eric.

Do yourself a favor. Hire Eric Beasley to handle your personal injury case. You will be GLAD you did!!”

David R., Nashville, TN

“I have used Eric a couple of times for my own injury cases. He is an excellent lawyer. He explains your case in plain English, and he is very helpful. He did such a great job for me that even my children have hired him when they needed a lawyer to help them, as well. He was willing to step in and do his thing. We love him and would recommend him highly!!! He works really hard for his clients!”

Yvette B., Murfreesboro, TN

“A few years ago, I was involved in a traffic accident where I was rear-ended while sitting at a traffic light. I was taken to the hospital for observation. On the advice of family and friends, I phoned a well known law firm for help. I was asked a few questions and was then told that they only took cases of $100,000.00 dollars and up. I was then given the name of Eric Beasley, whom they knew quite well and had nothing but wonderful things to say about. So that evening, I phoned Attorney Beasley and he began to ask some of the same questions the other firm had asked me, and I thought to myself "here we go again". To my surprise, Attorney Beasley agreed to take my case. I then asked him where we should meet, and he politely told me that he would come to me and not to worry about anything from this point on. The very next day, Attorney Beasley showed up at my house. His character and personality are so beautiful that I really felt at ease. I did everything he told me to do and followed his advice to the letter. I would get constant updates from him as well as just calling to see how I was doing. I felt so at ease with him on my case that I really didn't worry about anything. We won the case, and thanks to Attorney Eric Beasley, it was well worth it. I often wonder what the other firm would think if they knew how much he won for me. I know within my heart that God led me to Attorney Eric Beasley. Thank you Eric for being there for me”

Jacqueline B., Nashville, TN

“I had the honor and great opportunity to meet and hire Mr. Eric as my lawyer. I went through a great ordeal and he was there with me the whole time. The outcome of the case was a great success, and if I ever need him for anything, I know that he is just a call away.”

Jennifer D., Nashville, TN

“I had an accident in 2003 that caused me to have to have back surgery. I did not know what I would do. My case was handled with great care and professionalism by Eric Beasley. In a time like that, a person needs someone they can trust. Everything was explained to me and I fully understood what the outcome would be every step of the way. I was happy because anytime something like this happens to someone, you need to have someone to hold your hand and take the time to explain things to you. My attorney held my hand and made sure I knew everything. If you ever need an attorney, Eric Beasley is the one for you! He really cares about helping people.”

Ella S., Shelbyville, TN

“Eric Beasley was a really a great lawyer to work with. Not only has he worked with me, but he has worked with other members of my family, as well. He was very professional and very comfortable as well. I never felt intimidated or overwhelmed when we spoke. He always made sure I understood everything about my case. I definitely appreciated the ease with which I was able to express my concerns and have them answered. We had a good client – attorney relationship.

It was just an overall good experience with him as well as his office staff. I would recommend Eric Beasley to anyone that needs an attorney.”

Alice H., Springfield, TN

“Two years ago, I was in an automobile accident. The automobile collision left me with pain and a wrecked car. Thanks to Eric Beasley, I was able to get medical attention and my automobile repaired. I am forever grateful to Eric. If you ever need help as a result to an injury- Eric Beasley is the man to go to.”

JoAnn S., Antioch, TN

“Mr. Beasley is a good lawyer and I would use him again. I can call him with any questions at any time, and I would send people who needed a lawyer to him. He is a great guy to have on your side in court.“

Toni C., Cross Plains, TN

“Once I returned to work after my accident, Eric came to my office to educate me on my options. He helped me understand the legal process and how he worked. Eric's ability to clearly explain what to expect really helped keep me at ease. We got along so well after he represented me we that have kept in touch even after he finished my case.”

Drew S., Gallatin, TN

“I was always grateful that Eric brought a high level of professional stability in managing my case. I appreciated his willingness to translate legal jargon into every day language without making me feel inadequate. The paperwork, phone calls, and discussions with other legal representatives were completely managed with the highest of integrity. His genuine support, humor, and hopeful demeanor always provided a degree of peace during a difficult time.”

David K., Hendersonville, TN

“I was very pleased with how Eric handled my case. He was very professional and settled my case in a timely matter. I couldn't recommend a nicer or better lawyer.”

Scott B., Goodlettsville, TN

“Eric Beasley is a great attorney. He puts your well being first and he takes care of the rest. I am proud to call him my attorney, and my friend.”

Angela L., Nashville, TN